A well Implemented IIC Software Package
Holds the key to your companies future.

Integrate your own solution

Implement one of our partner solutions

IIC software is the backbone of the intelligent vending solution. The software is a robust, completely integrated system that accounts for each transaction on the IQ or Locker. Extensive custom reporting with cloud connection is included, making the IIC system a complete solution for your inventory detail. The reports can be as detailed or as top level as you decide, you are in control.

MRO Supplies

With Seaga’s Intelligent  Inventory Control system organizations are able to monitor their valuable maintenance repair operations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Safety Supplies

Personal protective equipment or PPE is the most important supplies in an organization. With Seaga’s IIC system companies can make sure PPE is always available. 

Office Supplies

Although Industrial Vending is very popular in the manufacturing and construction space many IT and front office organizations use the system to manage and track office supplies.

Software Key Features

  • Single unit or multiple unit reporting capabilities
  • Customize controls and reports per machine, per location, or at company level
  • Automate Alerts by email or text
    • Stock outs
    • Errors
    • Low Stock Levels
      • Cap Usage by
        • Employee
        • Shift
      • Track Data by
        • Employee
        • Department
        • Shift
        • Location
        • Project
        • Part Numbe
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