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Seaga’s Sentry 

Engineered with the core evolution of industrial vending in mind!

IIC Sentry™ 

two black metal doors with different types of items in them


Engineered for space efficiency the Sentry™ has 16 secure compartments that can be customized for greater product flexibility, check in/check out functionality and a robust software integration that boasts secure and efficient reporting features your organization can eliminate human error from stock control and create a usage-based environment that can reduce waste by 15 to 30%, demonstrating significant savings almost immediately.

The powerful reporting software provides a clear accounting of supply usage and enables forecasting and reduction of inventory levels by 50% or more. The platforms automated reporting system is capable of automatic user-defined alerts with escalation ability



72″ 28″ 24″ 270 lbs

The IIC Sentry™ is an efficient expansion for any industrial vending application.


  • Security for Up to 16 Items
  • Energy Efficient Brilliant LED Lighting
  • Auxiliary with IIC SightGuard or
  • Standalone or Multiple Units
  • Power and Ethernet Connections
  • Customizable Configuration
  • Large Viewable Area
  • Product Size Flexibility
  • Check Out/Check In Capability
  • Knockouts for Accessories

The IIC Sentry™ is a not only a durable machine built for security, size efficiency, and dependability but its also an intuitive solution for high usage point of sale items.

It includes:

  • Industrial Keypad
  • Optional Bar Code or Prox Reader
  • LED Lighting
  • Vend Sensor
  • Flexible Field Reconfiguration
  • Extensive, Customizable Reporting



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