Intelligent Inventory Control by Seaga

The powerful software suite puts the power of crystal clear accounting in your hands. Enables clear usage statistics, proper project cost accounting and allows for easy usage projection and forecasting. The system offers automatic user defined alerts with hierarchical escalation capabilities.

MRO Supplies

With Seaga's Intelligent  Inventory Control system organizations are able to monitor their valuable maintenance repair operations 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  

Safety Supplies

Personal protective equipment or PPE is the most important supplies in an organization. With Seaga's IIC system companies can make sure PPE is always available. 

Office Supplies

Although Industrial Vending is very popular in the manufacturing and construction space many IT and front office organizations use the system to manage and track office supplies.

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MRO, PPE, Office, and Medical Supplies and so much more!

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Engineered ahead of some fundamental models in controlling cost for Industrial MRO, PPE, Office and Medical supply distribution within innumerable industries including construction and manufacturing, Seaga’s Industrial Vending Solutions give managers a leg up on tracking and managing inventory control.

With its robust cloud-based technology integration that employs reliable scalability and proficient network handshaking, Seaga's Intelligent Inventory Control is the optimal choice for incorporating secure accountability. 

Intelligent Inventory Control

Create brand loyalty and provide your products right on time to your customers. Eliminate stock outages and increase productivity. 

decrease waste by up to 30%

 Eliminate stock outages and increase productivity. Integrating Seaga's industrial vending eliminates human error, theft, and waste from your bottom line. It also creates a controlled environment that can reduce use by 15 to 30%.

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